SDL Programming Examples

  • Compressed
    Parallax 2 source + Win32 binaries - 188k
    Parallax 3 source + Win32 binaries - 198k
    Parallax 4 source + Win32 binaries - 226k
    Windows friendly packages of the Parallax series of SDL examples, including Win32 executables with the DLLs needed, so you can just run the examples right away. Thanks to Torsten Giebl for compiling these!
  • Compressed simplemixer-1.1.tar.gz - 184k
    A very simple sound mixing example, using only SDL without any add-on libraries. It plays a drum pattern using 4 sounds and 4 voices and not too tight timing. ;-)
    News in 1.1: Now works on big endian hardware as well. Thought about it, but forgot to do anything in 1.0... :-)
  • Compressed ballfield-1.0.tar.gz - 213k
    This is a cute little "3D" sprite demo using SDL and SDL_image. I made it in January 2002, but never got around to release it. I was looking for old SDL and Project Spitfire stuff when I found it, and decided to wrap it up and release it. Hope someone likes it! :-)
  • Compressed smoothscroll-1.1.tar.gz - 111k
    Win32 binary package - 122k
    This is a simple demo of ultra smooth scrolling using OpenGL for sub-pixel accurate and fast rendering. It works best with retrace synchronized pageflipping and full frame rate, but works remarkably well under much worse conditions. It even seems to reduce tearing with poor OpenGL drivers to great extent! A simple map editor is integrated, and can be invoked from the command line.
    Version 1.1 contains a few fixes, and a "time filter", to reduce the effect of scheduling jitter on some platforms. The editor now works in OpenGL mode as well.
  • Compressedparallax-4.tar.gz - 68k
    An improved version of parallax-3. It groups runs of similar tiles together, and thus reduces the number of recursions and blits several times, even with the huge 48x48 tiles used in the demo. It's not optimal, but *much* better - perhaps even usable!
  • Compressedparallax-3.tar.gz - 46k
    More advanced parallax scrolling demo with a recursive rendering algorithm that eliminates all overdraw, except where blending or colorkeying is required. Note that the algorithm is unoptimized, and would be very slow if used with normal tile sizes (16x16..32x32) and screen resolutions (400x300..1024x768).
  • Compressedparallax-2.tar.gz - 45k
    Simple SDL demo with three layer parallax scrolling.