Mixed Downloads

Looking for those SDL programming examples? They got bored and ran off that way. (Well, not really. The downloads haven't moved.)
  • glSDL - balls NEW! glSDL-0.8.tar.gz - 177k
    glSDL is an implementation of the SDL API on top of OpenGL. This version is a proof-of-concept hack, and is implemented as a "wrapper" around SDL. glSDL is best used with SDL 1.2.5 or later.
    glSDL 0.8 fixes a few bugs that caused application crashes under some circumstances, so upgrading is highly recommended for any projects still using older versions of glSDL.
    For those wanting more than plain SDL 2D, but not willing to implement native OpenGL support, glSDL now has some easy to use API extensions that allow scaling, rotation, color multiplication and slightly extended alpha blending when using OpenGL. Demo/test program included.
    NOTE: glSDL is no longer actively developed. There is a glSDL backend patch for SDL, but it doesn't seem like this is going into SDL. The upcoming SDL 1.3/2.0 has a similar but unrelated solution that also supports Direct3D, so there should be no need for glSDL once SDL 2.0 is released.
  • DT-42 DT-42-0.1.0.tar.gz - 394k
    DT-42 DrumToy was intended as an example of interactive audio and graphics programming using SDL, but the project went rogue and turned into a "usable" drum machine. Not exactly a minimal technique example, but for someone working on some sort of music editor, the source might be of some interest, as DT-42 is probably as simple as it gets with all the basic vital stuff still in place.
    The package contains the source code, graphics, sounds, some example songs and precompiled executables for Windows, Mac OS X/PPC, Linux/x86 and Linux/AMD64.
  • Fixed Rate Pig pig-1.0.tar.gz - 660k
    Fixed Rate Pig was intended as an SDL programming example, to demonstrate the use of a fixed virtual logic frame rate together with interpolation, also known as "tweening". However, it turned into a (sort of) playable platform game, so it's more of a how-it-all-fits-together example. (No sound, though. Maybe later... Have a look at simplemixer or DT-42 DrumToy for examples of basic low level audio with SDL.)
    Apart from fixed rate game logic, this game also demonstrates sprite animation and partial/smart display updating techniques, suitable for games and applications that need high frame rates but can do without updating the whole screen every frame.
    The tarball includes source code (GPL) and precompiled binaries for Linux/x86 and Win32. SDL and SDL_image libs/DLLs are required, but not included. (Download from the SDL site if you don't have them.)
  • Compressed SDLCalc-0.0.1.tar.gz - 133k
    I got totally fed up with these useless toy calculators that come with Windows, KDE, GNOME etc - so I hacked this portable alternative, using Bison and SDL. SDLCalc is really a calculator application for computers, rather than a simulation of some primitive pocket calculator. This one lets you enter proper infix expressions, use named variables and stuff like that. It has a scrolling console for results and a line editor with history. It even has OpenGL rendering! :-) (Well, it started out as a perversion of smoothscroll. I just left the OpenGL code in.)
  • Compressed sfifo-1.3.tar.gz - 11k
    IMPORTANT: Please upgrade to 1.3! Older versions will CRASH if you request a buffer size that is not a power of two, as a result of the internal size limit not matching the actual buffer size.
    Simple FIFO - a portable, lock-free, single-reader/single-writer FIFO buffer, based on a circular buffer with atomically accessible read and write indices. It's using a simple read()/write() style API, and works in various environments, such as DOS, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, RTLinux and RTAI.
  • CompressedComprez-0.0.1.tar.gz - 24k
    A half-finished synth engine/toolkit written from scratch for the Comprez2000 "write some music in less than 5000 lines of C" contest. I dropped out, as I had more important projects to hack, and later, Compres2000 was canceled... *heh*
  • Compressedspeaker.tar.gz - 11k
    Simple, useless PC speaker emulator/driver for SDL. It supports the audio API (that part is a speaker emulator, which should be portable) as well as the X bell API (X only) and the Linux console. Includes sound FX engine + sound effects from the DOS version of Project Spitfire.
  • Compressedvistk-0.1.0.tar.gz - 41k
    VisTk; the Visualize ToolKit. (Not to be confused with other, *serious* projects with similar names!) This is a GUI toolkit that I originally hacked for svgalib, to be used in some real time visualization/debugging tools at work. I've since ported it to GGI and SDL, but never bothered to add support for non-256 color modes. (It relies on SDL's emulation nowadays.) Don't use this for anything serious! :-)